At Clustr, we’re working towards laying the foundational building blocks which will allow us to create value for millions of Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) through the power of Big Data. We're passionate about relentless innovation and dedication in bringing out the best solutions for our customers.

And we can do that by garnering an exceptional, driven talent base.
So we’re looking for individuals with a learner’s mindset to join our team of problem solvers. People who not only know how to do the math, but also understand the complexities of the business problem and deal with the dynamics of the constantly evolving business world. People who can roll up their sleeves to untangle the various odds and ends to come up with meaningful insights. People who think from first principles and are unafraid of going back to the drawing board time and again. As a workplace, we thrive on scale, diversity and agility.

If you’re looking to make a career in the most coveted field of data analytics, with an agile, forward-thinking organization that not only solves real-time business problems, but works to truly empower the drivers of the economy, this is the place to be. And now is the time to make a difference.


We’re looking for driven individuals with a learner’s mindset to join our team of problem solvers.

Govind K Gangadhar

Software Engineer

Praveen Prakash

Technical Program Manager

Advi T S

Trainee Software Engineer

Rajath S

Trainee Software Engineer

Judith Seles

Trainee Software Engineer

Omkarnath Phatak

Senior Platform Engineer – Technology

Kumarasamy Mani

Senior Engineering Lead – Technology

Rajeshkumar Narayanan

Manager – User Interface

Maheswar Thamatam

Software Engineer

Deepti Devadas Jayakumar

Software Engineer

Vijesh K

Senior Technical Program Manager – Technology  

Ramesh Achanta

Director – Engineering

Oyshik Moitra

Team Lead

Anshu Agarwal

Senior Software Development Engineer

Renjith V Warrier

Software Development Engineer

Gian Franco Bonini

Chief Architect – Design & Architecture

Rangan Sen

Senior Principal Architect

Prasanna M Josium

Senior Platform Architect

Shashank Jaiswal

Data Scientist

Lalitdutt Pardesai

Data Science Engineer

Bhanu Pratap Singh Panwar

Data Scientist

Johan Roy Tauro

Data Operations Executive

Asha Jyothi

Data Operations Executive

Hyder Simal G F

Data Operations Executive

Shubhanshu Saxena

Data Operations Executive

Shashwat Kumar Sahu

Data Operations Executive

Naveena G

Data Operations Executive

Abhradip Choudhuri

Manager – Data Operations

Mohammed Aaquib

Data Operations Executive

Abishek Ahluwalia

Junior Data Scientist

Upendra Singh

Lead – Big Data Architect

Deepak Sharma

Senior Data Scientist

Nikita Srivastava

Executive – Talent Acquisition

Baishali Gomes

Program Manager – Program Management Office

Murali Sahukara

Associate Product Manager

Rawshan Zameer

Associate Product Manager

Remya Krishnan

Manager – Analytics