At Clustr, we are building an ecosystem with the right tools, techniques and talent to make sense of this diversity of data and provide consumable information and analytics at such a massive scale.

We are leveraging state-of-the-art technology stack and several proprietary algorithms to acquire, ingest, process, curate, and publish vast amounts of data that’s extremely diverse in nature. This archetype is designed to transform each architecture component independently without disruption. And we have a talented and skilled workforce across Product Management, Data Operations, Data Sciences and Engineering, with a curious, agile, problem-solving mindset.

Our solution model will provide the data through APIs/Services to front-facing products which have the power of information and Big Data embedded in them, in order to bring powerful products to the end customer (the MSME).

Given the various layers of diversity in the MSME sector, there is a need for a three-pronged approach, with each leg of our journey enabling the next.

An understanding of the various layers of diversity is a crucial prerequisite to appreciating the nuances of ‘Creating Masters & Catalogues’ – the first leg of our journey. By first creating Masters and Catalogues, we aim to bring some semblance of order to the existing diversity and tackle complexities that exist in the MSME segment today. This will in turn enable the next legs of ‘Aggregations’ and ‘Analytics’ as we truly start unlocking the potential of ‘Big Data’.


At Clustr, we are taking the road not taken so far. Here, we are uniquely positioned to solve many of complex and diverse problems for the MSME that probably no one has attempted to solve before.

The MSME forms over 90% of the business landscape, forming the very backbone of emerging economies like India. By being a part of this revolutionary journey, we are playing an integral part in creating that impact and changing millions of businesses, and millions of lives with it.

Moreover, our strategic partnership with Tally, which has over 1 million customers, gives us a foot in the door of the MSME segment. We are not just another start-up that is trying to go from ‘zero to one’. We are here to change the game – to go from ‘zero to one million’. And we aim to get there within a short span of time, unlike many companies that usually take years to achieve this pace.

To make this crazy dream a robust reality, we are garnering the right tools, techniques and talent base that can take on the challenge, and share our vision, ambition, and motivation all the way.